Birch juice is a unique drink in its properties and taste. It is extracted from the birch tree trunk in early spring when sap ascent begins. Regular consumption of Birch juice significantly improves your well-being and strengthens your health. If we talk about other useful properties for the body of this drink, it is worth highlighting the following:
helps to restore the balance of vitamins and mineral nutrients;

improves blood composition;

helps to cope with bronchopulmonary diseases;

improves metabolism;

helps to purify the body;

increases immunity and resistance to virus infections.

     This, of course, is not all useful characteristics of Birch juice.
     As for its composition, we should note the content of useful sugars, organic acids, enzymes, calcium, magnesium, ferrum, and mineral nutrients. Drinking birch juice is recommended for everyone, regardless of gender and age. Regular consumption of this drink is a guarantee of longevity and health.