Birch & Sweetbriar

     Everyone knows about the benefits of Birch juice. This drink can improve a person’s health, strengthen vital forces, and immunity. And if you add rosehip to Birch juice, you can repeatedly enhance the vitamin composition and medicinal properties of both Birch juice and Sweetbriar juice.
     The juice of Birch & Sweetbriar contains:

B family vitamins;

vitamins C, E, PP, and others;


organic acid;



aspic oils.

     This is not a complete composition of Birch & Sweetbriar juice. Based on this diversity of healthy components, it becomes clear that Birch & Sweetbriar juice with regular intake can perfectly help the adult’s and children’s health in many ways.
Preparation of really healthy Birch & Sweetbriar juice is possible only on the plant because it is necessary to observe the technology, temperature, and time limits of cooking. This process is hardly possible at home.
     When choosing Birch & Sweetbriar juice, it is important to give preference to a reliable manufacturer.