Birch & Apple

Birch & Apple juice has awesome properties that can help your health in many ways. It will help to strengthen the immune system and improve the proper functioning of your body. This juice contains a large number of vitamins, microelements, fruit acids, and other elements. Thanks to the rich composition of Birch & Apple juice, the body of adults and children will receive the following benefits:

the supply of necessary vitamins and mineral nutrients is restored;

assistance in keeping your body healthy;

aid in digestion and metabolism improvement;

maintenance resistance to various respiratory diseases;

the blood composition improvement;

     Birch & Apple juice should be regularly present in the diet of kids and children from three years old and all adults. The use of the drink is a great alternative to various vitamins from the pharmacy.
     You can prepare high-quality and healthy Birch-Apple juice only on special equipment. You do not need to try to do this at home, because you will not be able to create all the necessary temperature conditions for pasteurization.