Carrot & Pineapple

     Carrot & Pineapple nectar is the opportunity to vary healthy eating and juices. Carrot juice is very useful in itself, and its combination with the juice of an exotic pineapple significantly increases the beneficial properties. Pineapples are particularly rich in vitamin C and bromelain — a key enzyme for protein digestion. That particular enzyme adds new beneficial properties to carrot juice, thus drinking this healthy and tasty drink will improve the following:


splitting proteins and burning fats;

intestinal flora;


excretion of excess liquidity. 

     Taking all of this into account, it becomes clear that Carrot-Pineapple nectar is very healthy for children and adult food, as it retains all the healthy properties of carrot juice and adds the unique qualities of pineapple juice.
     It is very important to drink only high-quality Carrot-Pineapple nectar. Therefore, give the preference to well-proven producers.