Carrot & Orange

     Carrot & Orange nectar is a real storehouse of vitamins and mineral nutrients. Carrot nectar is packed with beta-carotene and other minerals, mineral nutrients, and vitamins. When you add vitamins and other useful elements of orange juice to carrot nectar ingredients, you will have a unique and richest nectar in composition. This healthy drink will help children and adults strengthen their bodies and improve their health.
     If we talk briefly about the beneficial properties of Carrot & Orange nectar for the body, we will highlight the following:

helps the body to fight with vitamin deficiency;

boosts the immune system;

relieves chronic fatigue;

helps to fight with eye diseases/ Improves eyesight;

helps to relieve ferrum deficiency.

     This list can be endless, as Carrot & Orange nectar is a real phyto-pharmacy
The nectar should be drunk not only for children but also for all adults without exception. 200-300 milliliters of juice per day will give enough vitamins to your organism.
This nectar is considered the best energy cocktail, so it is better to drink it at the beginning of the day.