Carrot & Strawberry

     Carrot & Strawberry nectar is an opportunity to vary a healthy diet for adults and children. This nectar retains all the useful properties of carrots and adds them fruit acids, sugars, vitamins, and mineral nutrients from strawberries. Plus, strawberry gives its unique flavor to juice and significantly improves its taste. Kids will love this kind of cocktail.
     Such juice stimulates appetite well, that is why it is recommended for children and people who are underweight and anorexic. Moreover, our carrot-strawberry nectar may help to:

stimulate the digestive system;

cleanse the body of toxins and wastes;

prevent infectious diseases;

improve heart health;

preserve your youth.

    Carrot & Strawberry nectar is many times higher than other juices from vegetables and fruits in the content of vitamin C and antioxidants. Drinking such juice is recommended in the morning. Buying Carrot-Strawberry nectar gives preference to self-produced juices, as they contain much more vitamins and mineral nutrients.