Pumpkin juice can rightly be called the most useful juice. It is a worthy competition for many vegetable and fruit juices. It does not have equal in the content of vitamins and mineral nutrients: B, B1, B6, B2, C, E, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron — this is not a complete list of useful elements in pumpkin juice. Also, do not forget about the healthy and necessary for the body dietary fiber, and pumpkin juice possesses notable levels of it.
     Pumpkin juice is highly recommended for drinking to all children and adults. Its benefits for the body are:

strengthens the immune system;

regulates BSL (blood sugar level);

detoxifies the body;

helps to reduce weight;

improves metabolism;

stimulates the digestive system;

increases hemoglobin;

improves heart health.

     There is a lot to talk about the healthy properties of this juice. But it is also worth mentioning its quality because if the juice is not produced according to the production process, it will not retain all those useful elements. Therefore, pumpkin nectar needs to be made of quality pumpkins and under GOST technology.